The Eccentrics

Its ancestors date back to the actors of the traveling theater. These extravagant characters have replaced the intermissions of the plays where they performed on the streets of the city.

With a friendly and endearing character, these comic creatures will create funny situations to entertain the audience of all ages.


Itinerant show where these 6 characters come to show a part of the work that a group of actors did in the intermissions of comedies in the golden age in Spain. Farces represented with masks, very short comic-burlesque plays involving ridiculous or extravagant characters to provoke laughter from the spectator. Known as the Mojigangas, these actors were also responsible for ending the show. The other part of the work of “The Eccentrics” has evolved on the streets and has been influenced by the comedy of art and cartoons, the result is a ridiculous-comic conjugation updated to the times we live in.

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