The Big Suitcase

Itinerant Circus Show with clowns, short actions and final presentation.

A group of clowns arrives with a large suitcase that they are going to leave in a precise location in the city. But they don’t know the site and this is going to turn into a small adventure full of funny situations.

La Gran Maleta

Wachi and Pica are a couple of clowns who have come to the city with a giant suitcase, it’s their home. They bring 4 of their friends also clowns Chula, Rita, Blas and Richi as guests to help carry this giant suitcase.

They look for a nice place to leave it, that’s when you can get to know them and even participate in some of their games, enter their big suitcase, and become a clown or clowness.

Once the show is finished with a minimum of 1 hour of preparation, it is possible to make the show permanent with Kisses and Laughter.

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