Kisses and Laughs

Wachi and Pica live in a huge suitcase where they have everything they need to be happy. The story of a couple, in the common desire to kiss, becomes a continuous miscommunication full of magical situations, skill games, slips, musical instruments, dances, and misunderstandings that constantly get in their way. The family audience of all ages will enter the life of this charming couple, participating in everything they do and experience.

Besos y Risas

Family show, for all ages. On stage, a huge suitcase is the home of Wachi and Pica; inside, everything they need to live and be happy.

The show is born from a reflection on love and the absurd and funny dynamics in which a couple can fall, without realizing it. They both love and need each other, but while they are in search of the highly sought-after kiss, they step on each other, get lost, forget, confuse, stumble, disappear, hit each other unintentionally, fall… their romantic story is a succession of small catastrophes and unexpected situations, where magic effects, skill games, musical instruments, dances, and the brilliant interpretation of a clown and a clown combine to leave us their particular vision of the affection, tenderness, passion, adoration that a couple feels when they decide to share their life together.

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