Naturas, Green Café

These curious plants called Naturas have integrated into our society by adopting a human appearance.

They are rootless vegetables, they can approach you, walk beside you and go unnoticed in a garden. They have prepared a very special coffee for their guests, all those who want to sit down and try a Naturas experience.

Naturas Café Verde

Performance in the form of a living and enveloping interactive installation with sounds, music and scents that transform or highlight any space. This set up can not only be located outdoors, but also indoors. This stage transforms the architectural space, no matter how cold it is, into a place where nature is more present.

Actors and actresses, with a 19th-century aesthetic, recreate a nature environment. The public will be able to sit down and be enveloped by this forest plant environment and share a special cup of coffee.

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