Penny Farthing

In 1870, these types of bicycles became popular. People from big cities would go out for a walk. Today they have come out for a walk again, but everything around them has changed significantly.

In their time, they were original and in the present time they are also. Do you want to know more about them, see a race, climb on one of their “velocipeds”?


Itinerant show about the history of these big-wheeled and small-wheeled bicycles. With a minimum of 6 bicycles (3 ridden by men and 3 more by women), they show us what a walking day was like on these difficult and dangerous but lighter, simpler, and faster machines. At the different stops of this show, these 6 characters explain to the public the history of their bicycle: from its discovery in 1817, its peak in 1880. Also known as “Penny Farthing”, they became very famous until the arrival of chain transmission, which made them unfashionable. You will be able to see them race and only the smallest and bravest will have the chance to get on and take a ride accompanied by a period cyclist.

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