The Postal Service

In an age where very few people write letters, these tireless and old postmen have set out to get the residents of your city to write letters to each other, receive a letter from an anonymous, a certified prize or a telegram… The mail arrives with many surprises!

El correo

It’s a roaming show with direct audience participation of all ages. A team of postmen and postwomen on their bikes start their workday. They deliver letters, telegrams, postcards, prizes, etc. This old Post Office allows anyone who knows how to use a pencil and a piece of paper to send a written message to someone who may be in the city at that moment. No name or address is needed because the letter will reach its destination. The postmen and women take care of everything, they’ll give you a pencil and paper and they’ll find the person you want to send handwritten words to, in the form of a letter.

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