Several pairs of aliens arrive in the city to learn about humans. Their mission is to find out how planet Earth works and learn about earthlings and their habits and costumes. You may be able to see them for the first time; don’t panic, they don’t want to invade the earth, just have fun and learn.

They do not speak but make some sounds and occasionally may try to repeat words the audience teach them. Their easygoing manners attracts all kinds of public. There are male and female aliens so they have more things in common with our society. Their 3 big fingered hands may find some difficulties in carrying out everyday tasks, but they have many other qualities: transmitting positive energies and removing the negative ones to anyone who wants to try. They can also greet in the Venusian style and rearranging and pointing. Their intention to learn the human being ways will probably lead to situations which will be funny for the audience and confusing for the aliens. The earthlings will always remember the place where they saw and interacted with an alien for the first time..

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