This family of Italian artists arrive dragging their music cart and props. In another time they worked in the best cabarets and now they have made the streets of the city their best stage. Their personality, their skills and their desires make them original and authentic.


This Italian-Neapolitan family of artists are scandalously fun. Fabrizio and Antonela had four children when they were very young, from a young age until now they have traveled and were inseparable. For many years they worked in the best hotels and cabarets in Las Vegas.

Everything that happens to this family they share with the people on the street, making them participate in their madness. All of them would like a change in life, Elisabetta a rich boyfriend, Bianca a passionate love, Bruno a Ferrari, Giovanni to sing in the Eurovision and Fabrizio and Antonela a house near the sea. We do not know if any of them dare to take the step because the Tortellin’s are a very close-knit family.

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