Coloured People

How would you react if you saw a single-colored person? These characters are; they are monochromatic, solid in color, eye-catching.

Imagine a group of statues or mannequins that come to life… the expectation they cause is maximum. They create uncertainty by being immobile and surprise when they move.

They stand out from the crowd, which feels intrigued and drawn to these curious, observant characters with unexpected reactions.

Coloured People

“Coloured People” is a traveling non-verbal performance where actors and actresses fill the audience’s gaze with colors. Each performer is monochromatic, with a solid color, with identity, presence, and personality. The expectation generated is maximum, creating great uncertainty. This representation creates situations provoked by these characters that from their stillness manage to transmit restlessness and from the maximum movement interest. Each of the characters represents a type of person, with their approximate age, their particular style, their profession, something that is happening to them at that moment. The striking characterization and not being able to see the eyes of these single-colored people makes the audience not feel intimidated and generates interest, approach, participation, and above all relaxation from spectators of all ages who will spontaneously narrate everything that is happening and be heard by the artist who interacts with their character and color.

This performance unconsciously introduces us to the psychology of color, aimed at analyzing how we perceive and behave in the face of different colors, as well as the emotions that each color transmits in us. Coloured People is a performance where we will discover the reflections of colors in today’s society.

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